Why You Should Consider Contact Lenses

Contact Lens.jpg

While glasses may be the go-to solution for eye problems, contact lenses are another alternative to frames that sit on your face - and you may find they better suit your lifestyle.

They're comfortable

Contact lenses are usually made of a silicone hydrogel material, and they sit comfortably over the front of your eye. They are available with either a hard or soft lens that is determined by what it’s made of, as is the level of oxygen that can pass through to the eye and how moist the lenses stay throughout the day. These variables come down to personal preference and what is most comfortable to you.

They can be worn for up to a month

Not only can you find variations in softness and material, but also there are many different types of contact lenses that allow you to wear them for longer or shorter periods of time. Typically, you can choose from daily, fortnightly or monthly lenses, and also decide whether you’d prefer lenses you can sleep in. If you decide on fortnightly or monthly lenses, they need to be properly cleaned and looked after. It’s common for users of daily lenses to just throw them out at the end of the day.

They can match your usual lens prescription

When getting contact lenses, you work closely with your optometrist to determine what material is most comfortable to you and to ensure that your lenses fit your eye perfectly. Not only that, but contact lenses can be multifocal so that your usual lens prescription can be matched to suit your requirements for distance and close sight work. Multifocal contact lenses leave you with clear vision, no matter what your head or eye position!

Contact lenses are a great option for people that play sport, live an active lifestyle or are in situations where glasses are impractical or less effective.