Eye Disease Management - Living with Macular Degeneration

The first step in eye disease management is establishing that you do have a condition and that there are ways to reduce its long term effects. Having regular eye examinations gives you the opportunity to keep tabs on your eye health, and catch anything early. When it comes to managing eye disease, the earlier you know the better.

Macular degeneration causes loss of central vision, and is a painless progression. It is common that in the early stages of the disease you may not notice that your eyesight is changing, which is why it's so important to get regular eye health check ups,

The chance of Macular Degeneration goes up 50% if there is family history and it affects one in seven people over the age of 50. Smokers are especially at risk.

Focusing on eye disease management when diagnosed with Macular Degeneration is all about making positive diet and lifestyle choices. Although you can't change your genes or your age, you can take other steps to make sure you're doing the best by your eyes.

  • Have an eye test and make sure the macular is checked
  • Don't smoke
  • Eat a well balanced diet and exercise
  • If you're at high risk, chat to your doctor about supplements
  • Check for symptoms regularly using an Amsler grid

The best way to manage existing eye disease or to avoid contracting a disease, is to take care of yourself and your eyes. You use your eyes every day, so looking after them should be a high priority!