Eye Examinations - Why They're So Important To You

You use your eyes every day, in every waking moment. They’re one of your five senses and it’s important to look after them to make sure that you can continue to see as well as you are now for the rest of your life.

Eye examinations detect any issues, whether current or potential, with the aim of providing you with the best vision solution to reduce your risk of losing sight where sight loss is preventable. This is what you should expect and receive from an eye examination, and should be the standard of care across all optometrists and eye clinics.

Having regular eye examinations is just as important as getting regular health checkups.

While going for your first eye examination is fantastic, it’s crucial that you have them on a regular basis. Although you may not have had any sight problems, or did and purchased some glasses to combat your sight loss, your eyes develop and change. It’s entirely possible that your eyesight will change, as you grow older or engage in new activities.

Regularly visiting your optometrist means that you’re keeping tabs on any existing sight loss issues, and finding any new problems as early as possible. Much loss of sight and eye disease is slow onset and can be caused by a number of different, unrelated variables (so it’s not only genetic!). The earlier you can find any inconsistencies in your macula or retina, the better your chances of preventing any possible sight loss.

For people already with prescription glasses, regular eye examinations are vital to maintain the perfect level of correction through prescription lenses. Leaving your eye exam for five years rather than the recommended one to two can leave you with glasses that are no longer offering the best support for your eyes.

Having regular eye examinations is so important to your eye health, and can improve your quality of life down the track.