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Your Eye Examination

When you have your eyes examined at Vision Hub , we provide the highest quality attention to ensure you are able to see well, and that your eyes are maintained in their best health.

Your eye examination includes :

Refraction - an assessment of the strength of your eyes and the determination of your glasses prescription.

Binocular Vision Assessment - checks the eyes coordinate together.

Review of Eye Health - an examination of the eyes for any disease such as Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration, Diabetic related disease or Dry Eye Syndrome.

Ocular Coherence Tomography ( OCT ) and Digital Retinal Photodocumentation.

We also offer Specialised Examination for

Behavioural Vision Assessments - how visual conditions and Visual skills can influence learning behaviours.

Contact Lenses

What should you bring ?

When you attend your examination, we would like you to bring:

- Your Medicare card.

- Private Health card or Pension/Health Care card.

- Any information that might relate to your general health , allergies or medications.

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