Eye Examinations

Your best eye examination :

  • Reduces your risk of losing sight where sight loss is preventable.
  • Provides the best vision solution for your occupational or recreational needs.

This is our standard of care.

Our principal optometrist, Michael Burnside, is therapeutically qualified to treat and manage eye disease. He has had extensive experience in rural practice with exposure to acute eye conditions, and has consulted at specialised diabetic clinics.

At Vision Hub, we use the latest technologies and techniques to assess your eye health to prevent and monitor eye diseases like Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration and complications due to Diabetes. These condition usually occur at the retina and require careful monitoring and assessment. Most retinal conditions causing sight loss have progressive change, some of which is visible.

To provide the best standard of care, we have introduced Digital Spectral Imaging (Ocular Coherence Tomography) together with Retinal Photography to diagnose, record and monitor eye disease. Retinal Photography records a 2 dimensional appearance of the posterior eye structures, which allows for comparison throughout a lifetime.

Digital Spectral Imaging is the most recent and accurate technology to provide a 3 dimensional scan of retinal tissue, which is invisible to the naked eye or photography. This provides the most comprehensive analysis of the retina in early detection of eye diseases.

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