At Vision Hub we use the latest lens technologies to provide you with the best vision, comfort and appearance.


Multifocals allow the distance and reading prescriptions to be incorporated into a single lens with out unsightly lines and with smooth progression from the distance portion of the lens to the reading area.

Current research into multifocal lens designs have meant that they now offer less distortion, wider fields of view and more natural vision.

The new generation multifocals are called Freeform designs, and the  prescription details generate the lens design parameters.

The best multifocal lens designs available now are able to be personalised to match the multifocal wearers prescription, how the glasses sit on the face and tailored to required tasks. They are a little more expensive, but are great for people who are need them more often.

At Vision Hub, we only use free form technology to allow you the clearest and most comfortable vision.

Computer and Office Lenses

In today’s world, we spend a good portion of our time looking at high tech devices and computer screen displays. Screens are often set at distances further away than our reading distance and require a different focus to keep the screen clear whilst retaining good posture.

Computer and office lenses are designed to allow reading at a computer distance, while maintaining a wide field of vision. This lets you see and work at your best in precisely the range of vision that your job requires and also allows your head and neck to be in a relaxed and natural position.

Thinner and Lighter Lenses

Research into materials for lenses has resulted in higher density plastics with excellent optical qualities, which result in thinner and lighter lenses.

Anti Reflection Coatings

All lenses block some light (about 8-12 %) from passing through the lens. This creates a reflection on the surface of the lens which can cause distraction and reduce the clarity of night vision. For the best vision and appearance, it’s a good idea to have an anti reflection coating which improves the transmittance of light through the lens to 99.5%.

Because AR coatings eliminate reflections they are also cosmetically better for photos, TV, and public speaking.

Studies have shown that anti reflection coatings provide sharper night vision with less glare, which is a real advantage for night driving.

Super hard and water repellent like the Ultimate, they increase the hardness of the lens to reduce scratching, and repel water which reduces smudging.

Tinted Lenses

In Australia, we have one of the highest UV ratings in the world and it makes sense to have good glare and UV protection.

You can choose from:

Tinted with UV 400

A basic tint which can be made to specification of color and density.


Polarized are the best tint option for the Australian environment. It not only provides protection from direct glare, but also absorbs reflected light from roads windscreens or water.


Drive wear is a combination of Polarized and transitions which provides quality protection against UV whilst allowing the lens to change to suit the conditions.