We know it can be hard to get a child to sit still, which is why Paediatric Optometry at Vision Hub is a great choice!

Our optometrists are qualified to work in paediatric optometry, and are used to assessing little eyes. Our staff are patient and focused on making you child’s eye examination as quick and easy as possible with minimal stress.

When you bring your child to their first appointment, their eye examination will include:

Refraction - an assessment of the strength of their eyes.

Binocular Vision Assessment - checking how the eyes coordinate together.

Review of Eye Health - an examination of the eyes for any disease.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Digital Retinal Photodocumentation.

In addition to this, our specialists are trained in behavioural vision assessments which are closely linked to paediatric optometry. Behavioural optometry assesses how visual conditions and visual skills can influence a child’s learning behaviours, which can have great impact on schooling and development.

Make an appointment at Vision Hub for your child, to make sure that any visual impairments are treated and prevented and that your child can enjoy learning and growing with the best eyesight.