Your Family Optometrist

Vision Hub are a family optometrist, with services that cater to the whole family.

It is important to care for your eye health from a young age, so we are pleased to offer eye exams to young children, with our optometrists trained in paediatrics.

Our behavioural optometrists can make accurate assessments of the eye health of your youngest family members so that learning is not impacted by any eye concerns. Vision is a learned skill and developed over time, with one in four children suffering from a vision problem that interferes with their ability to learn efficiently and achieve in school. At Vision Hub, we take a holistic approach to examining the eye health of young children, to ensure that we are considering behavioural optometry in our diagnosis of a vision problem.

Many eye problems develop over time, and as a family optometrist we like to create life-long relationships with you so that we can monitor and catch any eye disease or vision issues early on. Our goal is to minimise your risk of losing sight where sight loss is preventable, and the best way to do this is through regular check ups from as early as possible. Eye disease such as Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma are slow growing diseases, that are much easier to treat and manage if found in the early stages. Some eye diseases are passed down through genetics, meaning that if a family member has been diagnosed it is more likely that you will also develop the disease. As family optometrists, we aim to monitor the whole family and prevent any disease from progressing.

At Vision Hub, we understand that each family member will need glasses for different things and different activities. We offer contact lenses as well as the latest designer and personalised eyewear so that every need is met in the best possible way.